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Skymanga is a free comic website where you can read comics for free with a device connected to the Internet. The main focus of Skymanga is manhwa and manga. In terms of genres, Skymanga has mainly adult comics however, it also has comedy, drama, and action,…
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Nice design
Registration free
Can’t read any manga
Too many sexual ads and popups
Not ideal for mobile reading
Not safe

About Skymanga

What happened to Skymanga?

Nothing is happening to Skymanga because this site is still up and running as usual under the URL or

What is Skymanga?

Skymanga is a free comic website where you can read comics for free with a device connected to the Internet. The main focus of Skymanga is manhwa and manga. In terms of genres, Skymanga has mainly adult comics however, it also has comedy, drama, and action,…

Is Skymanga safe to use?

After testing Skymanga, this website is found to be a scam that may cause harm to you and your device. The main problem is that when you click on any comic of your choice, what you get are a bunch of sexual ads without covering or being blurred. While other sites also have these kinds of ads and popups, this website has a lot more than that and they don’t even have the comic for you to read but ads, ads and ads. Because Skymanga is not safe, you must secure yourself when reading manga on this website by installing a VPN or ad-blocker beforehand.

Is Skymanga legal?

Although Skymanga’s safety is suspicious, it is a legitimate website as it doesn’t host any of its content. They claim on their website that all of their comics and files are shared by anime and comic fans around the world and are available through social sites like Facebook, Reddit, Discord, Telegram, and other portals…

Is there a Skymanga app for mobile/iPad/tv?

Skymanga doesn’t have any app developed for mobile/iPad/tv. That’s why whenever you want to read manga and comics for free on a device that is not your laptop, you need to go to their website URL in your device’s browser. Some people may find this daunting and complicated and leave Skymanga after all but for many others, the site works like charm with full features like on the laptop without having to spare some of their device storage for an app! For me, I find that the ads and pop-ups on this website are a nightmare for its mobile web version which even slows your device down eventually. Therefore, I don’t recommend reading manga and comics on this website on your mobile device! 

Skymanga review

Reading experience

The reading experience of Skymanga is kinda disappointing to me. None of the links will give you the comic or manga that you clicked. The site just makes you wait and show you a bunch of sexual ads and pop-ups. If you are an adult, this might be okay because you know what to do but if that’s an underaged kid, who is highly likely the audience of a manga/comic site, these types of ads and popups will be a big red flag for them.

Content library

As mentioned above, Skymanga’s main focuses are Manhwa Raw, Anime Hentai and Webtoon. Regarding genres, this website has Romance, Adventure, Harem, Historical, Horror, and Manga Hentai,… When you first land on this website, you may think that it only has hentai anime and manga, but in fact, it has many other genres but they are not many.

Ads and popups

Although Skymanga claims on their website that their website is 100% ad-free, I still found a lot of ads on their website when I tested it last time. Those ads are popups and redirects which will automatically open an irrelevant new website (usually sexual) in a new tab which you need to close right away when it pops up. Each click will contain at least 1 ad like that so to me, it’s a bit time-consuming just to close all of those ads every time you browse manga on Skymanga.


This can be the only good thing about Skymanga as the website is very easy to navigate. With its fast search, sort and filter function, you will be able to find the one manga you are looking for in minutes. There is a registration button which is not mandatory but with an account, you will be able to save your manga to your favourite list and save your read history as well.

Account or registration

You don’t have to and the site will not ask you to register to use their service. 

Customer care

You can’t contact Skymanga because they don’t leave their contact information on the website.

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There are many websites to read manga out there and is one of them. Mangago claims to be a non-profit manga fan site where people can stream different genres of manga free of charge and with high quality. Moreover, users and visitors can ask questions and discuss with each other anything on the website. Established around 2010, Mangago is still going strong and providing its millions of users a safe platform to stream free manga.
MangaReader is an optimal manga app for reading and downloading thousands of various manga for free without any limit. Besides that, this site is virus and malware free, providing a great place to enjoy free reading manga because it has new releases and an archive of older manga so that manga readers can enjoy them nonstop without worries. According to Microsoft’s description, MangaReader is an app that helps you better read your personal archived manga. You can read manga in single page view or view all pages, go to next/previous chapter quickly.
Mangakakalot is a website providing free and high-quality manga as well as excellent customer support. They were established with the sole purpose of making relevant and fun manga accessible to everyone, regardless of their circumstances or location. New chapters and titles are updated on a regular basis, just like other premium services. Because of their large content library, you are quite likely to find your favourite manga on Mangakakalot; if not, you can always contact their team and they will make it available to you as soon as possible!
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Manga Park is an intelligent Manga reading website containing almost all the popular Manga comics in its database. It is considered to be one of the fastest-growing platforms which provide many different services to its users as per their requirements in a very effective manner at no cost. is a site that allows multiple users to access many of their favorite manga series. The special thing that makes readers love this site is that it is completely free. Just visit the site, you can comfortably enjoy the most popular manga today. It can be easily noticed that, as soon as you access the site, the toolbar will appear items such as: Home, Latest, Browse, Search. They all aim to help readers have an easy and convenient experience of connecting to the manga volumes they are looking for.
Readm is an online comic website providing reading Korean manhwa, Japanese manga, and Chinese manhua on digital format at no cost. Taking aim at readers of all ages, Readm offers English translations - the global lingua franca - for its entire vast library of content.
This website focuses on publishing and updating free high-quality Korean manhwa translated into English for all ages. More than just a comic reading place, it also offers additional fascinating venues for digital comic fans, such as games and a social networking app. This is also a home where the worldwide community of manhwa lovers can connect and share their passion. Similarweb ( ranks 84th among the top 100 most popular websites for animations and comics with a total of 16.52 million visits.