Privacy Policy

What is Personal Information?

This Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use, as well as other policies, are applicable to all visitors to the Website. They also apply to those who give personal information ("Personal Info") to Top Streaming Sites. This Privacy Policy defines "Personal Information" as information that, when taken together, can identify a specific individual. It includes the individual's full names (first and surnames), postal address, date and birth, email address and postal address. This Privacy Policy also applies to information that is not identifiable and is directly linked with Personal Information.


What is the scope of Top Streaming Sites's Privacy policy?

This Privacy Policy outlines our policies and procedures regarding the use of Personal Information by individuals. It includes customers, as well as other users who access the Website. This Privacy Policy applies to all website users.


Top Streaming Sites Collects Personal and Other Information

Top Streaming Sites collects personal information that you voluntarily give us when you register, create an account, view a video, fill out a survey, answer our polls, and sign up for additional services. You can also purchase, advertise, or otherwise communicate with us via mail, telephone, or electronically. We may collect your name, address, email address and telephone number. You can also keep track of your preferences and purchase history. This information is only used for the purposes it was collected.

For routine system administration purposes (such as log IP addresses), we may collect information to make our website more interesting and helpful to you or to manage data delivery and content delivery.

Top Streaming Sites may also gather information stored in cookies and may associate this information to your Personal Information. Cookies are tiny pieces of information that are stored on your computer's hard drive and not on the website. Cookies are used for many reasons. Cookies let you store your password without needing to re-enter it every time.

Cookies allow us to personalize the Website to meet the needs and interests our members and customers. They also enable us to understand how visitors use our websites, which allows us to target our resources to the most popular features. If your browser allows, you can always decline cookies. However, some features of the Website might not function properly if you do.


Privacy for children

To help children aged under 18 years of old use the Website, "Minor(s )")," is an additional privacy policy that Top Streaming Sites offers. These policies address the Personal Information of Minors. These privacy policies are in addition to the Privacy Policy. Top Streaming Sites offers some programs and services that may not be appropriate for minors. We do not collect any Personal Information from minors through the Website. However, when registering on the website, users are not required to confirm they are not a minor. Top Streaming Sites encourages parents and legal guardians alike to monitor their children's use of the Internet and any other online services. They should also teach their children how to protect their Personal Information online.

This Privacy Policy describes Top Streaming Sites's information usage practices. You agree to all terms and conditions by accessing, browsing, or using the Website. Top Streaming Sites will not accept any Personal Information you or your child have provided to it if you don't agree to the Privacy Policy. We reserve the right to modify, change, add, or remove any portion of our Children's Privacy policy at our sole discretion.



Your Personal Information may be collected, used and disclosed by us without your consent as long as it is required or permitted by law. If you do not consent, your Personal Information will only be collected, used, and disclosed according to the law. Its use will be restricted to the purposes for which it was collected. Your consent form can be either implied consent or express consent depending on the nature of the information being collected. When we reasonably conclude that you have consented to our collecting information by your actions (e.g. We may use implied consent to grant you access to the webcast if you give us your name, contact information and inaction (e.g. You do not have the right to opt out of any information that was given to you at the time you provided your contact information. This Privacy Policy describes the purposes for which Personal Information is collected, used, and disclosed. If we need to use or disclose Personal Information for another purpose, you will need to give consent.


Top Streaming Sites collects personal information.

Top Streaming Sites may use Personal Information to provide the following services:

  • To provide the products and services you requested, including viewing a Webcast.
  • To provide services that are in line with your account
  • We are here to help you by providing better products and customer service.
  • To investigate and address any concerns, questions, or complaints you might have regarding our products and services.
  • To determine your eligibility to our products or services.

Top Streaming Sites may use your personal information to send you promotional offers and other information if you have opted in for offers, promotions, or information. We may use your Personal Information if you have signed up for these offers. This is to verify that your information is correct and current.

Which kind of personal information does Top Streaming Sites disclose to whom and why? Top Streaming Sites may share Personal Information with its successors and assigns but only in the limited circumstances necessary to meet the purposes set out under this Privacy Policy. Top Streaming Sites may also disclose your Personal Information as follows:

  • To Third Parties to Perform Processing and Other Specialized Service: Top Streaming Sites sometimes uses outside agencies to provide specialized services, such as contests or the collection of accounts that are past due. They are limited to providing the services requested and are required to keep your personal information confidential and secure. In the Event of Legal Reasons, We may disclose Personal Information to third parties. Sometimes, the law may require that we disclose your Personal Information without notifying you.
  • A Third Party in the event of a Significant Transaction: Top Streaming Sites may require access to customer lists and other databases to assist in due diligence. Top Streaming Sites will only allow such access if there is a strict confidentiality agreement. Also, upon completion of the transaction or event, your Personal Information would be transferred to Top Streaming Sites's successor-in-interest to be used for the purposes for which it was collected.


How long does Top Streaming Sites keep personal information?

Your Personal Information is kept for as long as it is necessary to fulfill the purposes for which they were collected, or to comply with any legal requirements. This includes statutory retention periods. We will erase your Personal Information from our records if it is no longer necessary for any specific purpose or legal requirement.


What security measures does Top Streaming Sites have in place to protect personal information?

Top Streaming Sites uses administrative, electronic, and physical security measures to protect your data from loss, error, or unauthorized access. We use industry-standard measures, such as firewalls and passwords, to protect the confidentiality of your Personal Information stored on our computer systems. Our employees and any other third parties that we employ are contractually bound by confidentiality obligations. Access is limited to individuals who have a legitimate need for the information in order to fulfill a specific purpose.


Non-Personal Information

Non-personal information, also known as aggregated data, is information that can't be linked to or traced back directly to an individual. Top Streaming Sites collects information when users visit the Website. This allows Top Streaming Sites to determine which features are most popular. Top Streaming Sites uses both aggregated data and personal information to personalize your experience and deliver relevant content to your location. Top Streaming Sites may share anonymous aggregated information about the Website with third parties. Top Streaming Sites may also collect demographic information on an anonymous basis to aid in understanding our markets. These data are not stored, used, or disclosed at an individual level. However, they may be disclosed to third-parties on an anonymous, aggregated basis.


Hyperlinks to third-party sites

Hypertext and other computer "links" may be used by users to gain access to websites that are not owned or operated by Top Streaming Sites. These links are provided by Top Streaming Sites for your convenience only. Top Streaming Sites does not endorse any linked website. Top Streaming Sites INC. Top Streaming Sites, INC. ASSUMES NO RESPONSIBILITY ABOUT ANY MATERIAL OTHER THAN THE WEBSITES OPERATED b Top Streaming Sites Inc., INCLUDING WEBSITES WHICH MAY HAVE BEEN ACCESSED THROUGH LINKS ON Top Streaming Sites OPERATED SITES. Top Streaming Sites is not affiliated or sponsored by linked websites. The trademarks associated with linked websites are not trademarks. Top Streaming Sites expressly disclaims any responsibility for the inadvertent view by a Minor any material intended to be used for adults on the Website, or on any website accessed via a link.


Chat in-world and Other Communication

You may be able chat with other people through the Website, subject to our Terms and Conditions. The Website is a public forum. Any information you post, even Personal Information, on the Website will be made publicly available and could be collected by third parties. We have no control over the use of this information. We urge you to not disclose Personal Information on the Website.


How to Control the Use and Collation of Your Personal Information

You control how we use, disclose and collect your Personal Information. Top Streaming Sites's Customer Service Department will receive any comments, questions, or modifications regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of your Personal Information. You must request a copy of the Personal Information that we hold about you. This will depend on the laws in your country. You will receive the information according to applicable law.