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Have you ever had a hard time trying to find free movie streaming sites? You're not alone, it's such a challenge for all of us. The great sites you found last week might all of a sudden go disappear so you're constantly on the embark to look for a new place to watch movies for free. Tons of results pop up when you google, but it's not easy at all to find a high-quality one. And that's why we are here writing you this blog. Don't forget to bookmark it or you're going to regret later.
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Top Streaming Sites is where you can read true reviews about top streaming websites in all categories

As the demand for movies, TV shows, anime, manga, sports streaming,... etc is sharply rising, streaming websites are mushrooming everywhere. Each site has its own pros and cons with different UI & UX, video resolutions, streaming capabilities, subscription fees, etc. Many sites can be free of charge while the others might cost up to hundreds of dollars a year. It would be a waste of time to take a look at all the free streaming sites to choose one that suits your needs to watch movies or watch series online. That amount of time should be spent on your favorite movies or anime, not wasted on such boring research.


Top Streaming Sites will help to solve all your free streaming related questions

Every free streaming site is on Top Streaming Sites with a detailed and useful review to help you to decide if it is what you are looking for. No matter what site you are tempted to check out, it is already reviewed and ranked on Top Streaming Sites, in order to help you get to know more about the site, to figure out if it would be the perfect fit for your needs.

Free movie streaming sites are not our only focus. On Top Streaming Sites, we also give thoughtful and in-depth reviews about sites related to free anime streaming, manga, free online music, live TV providers, sports, entertainment news, movie review, as well as useful softwares. Anything related to TV entertainment can be found on this website.

Anyone who loves the creativity, the meaningful messages about love, friendship, etc in them, and the out-of-this-world feelings movies and anime boast, agrees that movies, TV shows, anime, and manga are so much more than just forms of entertainment.

They can help you cope with stress, especially when a lot of us have had to suffer from the pandemic for years. Each genre helps us in different ways. Romantic movies can give us lessons about love while comedies can allow for laughter and happiness. Meanwhile, watching horror films can help with injury recovery and fighting disease by increasing white blood cells. No matter what genre you are into, at the end of the day, aren’t you satisfied with lying down and getting lost in a film of interest?

With a sharp rise in demand for movies and anime, there are more and more ways for us to stream our favorite content. And Top Streaming Sites is dedicated to help you sort out which platform suits you the best.


What is Streaming?

Online streaming has become the top choice when it comes to watching videos or listening to audio. Thanks to the convenience it offers, more and more people are opt for streaming services instead of traditional platforms. So, what does streaming mean? And what makes it superior to other methods?

Simply speaking, streaming means listening to music or watching video in “real time”, instead of downloading a file to your computer and watching it later. With the evolution of Internet, videos and audio can be stored remotely and transmitted to your device within a few seconds; therefore, there is no need to download them.

Each streaming service has a server that hosts your content of interest. Therefore, when you hit the Play button, the video or audio will be fed to your device at no time. Podcasts, webcasts, movies, TV shows, and music videos are common forms of streaming content.

As streaming is easy, convenient, reliable, and more available on-demand, it has gradually become the primary way for us to consume entertainment. More and more people are cutting the cord and going cable-free. That totally makes sense, why pay more money for a service that cannot even let us watch what we desire when we want it?


Why should you check out Top Streaming Sites?

First and foremost, Top Streaming Sites is a site for those who want to use streaming to enjoy their videos or music of interest. The site will help you decide if you want to subscribe to a paid streaming service or a free site will be enough. It also helps you set a comparison among sites you are considering. Top Streaming Sites also helps you to reduce the risk of visiting the sites yourself. As we have done the research, all you need to do is to take a look at the reviews and rating of the sites you are interested in, and compare them to see which one is the best.

On Top Streaming Sites, you not only get a closer look at sites that you want to check out but also get to know new sites that you might not want to miss out on. More and more streaming sites come on the scene, and they have a tendency to learn from other site’s mistakes. Therefore, the newest site might be the best.

Top Streaming Sites also helps you look for sites that provide you with certain content such as awards shows, football matches, etc. Your favorite streaming site might not have all the content you want to watch; therefore, if you have a hard time looking for it, head to Top Streaming Sites. The site is created for the purpose of helping you find whatever kind of content, as long as it is available for streaming.


What types of websites will you find on Top Streaming Sites?

As the name suggests, Top Streaming Sites focuses on streaming sites only. The streaming site is a broad term, so to make it easier for you to imagine, streaming sites include free TV streaming sites, free online movie streaming sites, cartoon sites, free anime sites, free manga sites, premium streaming services, video streaming sites, music streaming apps, sports streaming sites, subreddits associated with streaming related content, IPTV services, entertainment news sites, gaming sites, a premium online live TV services, streaming search engines, sports betting sites, media servers, VPNs, and other useful software.

It looks like a whole bunch to take, but don’t sweat it, Top Streaming Sites is smartly designed and cleanly organized to make sure you can find any site without hassle. In case you cannot find the site, the search bar always comes in handy. Simply type the site name in the bar and the results will show up without the need to hit Enter.


How did I pick the best streaming sites to watch?

Doing extensive research is the only way to pick the best free streaming websites. We took the research seriously. Instead of reading reviews (which can be fake), we actually visited each site and spent time learning about its content and features. Through trial and error, we could weed out bad sites to introduce to you high-quality ones only. To decide if a site is good enough to make the cut, we looked closely into its safety, legality, content library, UI & UX, resolution, device compatibility, price tag, as well as customer service.

After making the list, we somehow set a comparison among them to have an overview of the quality each site offers. Therefore, although all sites listed on Top Streaming Sites are decent enough for your streaming, they are not equally created and some are far better than others. However, each of us might have a different image of a perfect site, some might choose a site based on a specific feature, or some sites are not the best but they are suitable for a niche group of users. Therefore, we try to make the list as long as possible to give you more options to choose from.

“Hall of Fame” is where all the hidden gems are. These sites might not be popular but with the content and features they have, they deserve to be known about.


What kind of information you can get from our reviews?

We try to answer all the frequently asked questions one might have when being introduced to a new site. All reviews have the same structure to make it easier for you to compare sites. These are the questions that my reviews can help solve:

  • What is this site? An overview of this site.
  • Is it safe to use?
  • Is it legal to use?
  • Is there any site that can be an alternative to this site?
  • Does this site have an app?
  • What kind of content this does site offer?
  • What are the site’s features that can help me decide if it suits my needs?
  • Is this site worth the subscription fee (if any)?


Why did We make Top Streaming Sites?

Making such a long list took lots of time and effort and we needed more than just one reason to finish the project. The most important one is our passion for movies, TV series, anime, manga, and music. We know your struggles, and we know how hard it is to find a safe and great site to watch your favorite content. We used to spend days in despair looking for a site to watch the latest episode of the show we loved. And it gave us nothing but frustration. Some sites were filled with ads, some gave me false hope and quickly asked for a subscription. When we decided to pay for a paid streaming service, it was not worth that amount of money. So, we believe we can help others avoid all those hassles with a site like Top Streaming Sites. No matter how much you are willing to pay, how long you have been on the Internet, you deserve to find your content of interest. If a site that can deliver you what you need exists, it should be found. That is why we created the list.

Secondly, as we have been searching for streaming sites for years, we know there are thousands of streaming sites, and not all of them are safe. As the demand for streaming has sharply risen recently, many want to make fast money by creating scammy sites. These sites are extremely risky if you do not take precautionary measures. Not everyone knows to use a reliable VPN, anti-virus program, and AdBlock extensions to protect themselves. Therefore, we decided to help them with it. Sites that are not listed on Top Streaming Sites are either too new for us to be aware of or should be avoided at all costs. So if you cannot find the site you are interested in on Top Streaming Sites, be a bit more cautious.

Thirdly, there should be a site that provides only real reviews. A site that is not corrupted. A site that can be the ultimate review site to make it easier for comparisons. When we was looking for the best sites to watch movies, we realized that reviews about one site could vary dramatically. A user might call a site the best site he has ever visited while the other might say it is the worst. These kinds of reviews confuse us and eventually, we have to check out the site ourselves to be our own judge. We then decided to create Top Streaming Sites that composes comprehensive reviews only. With each review, we will give users a detailed list of all the features that the site offers and the users will make their own decision if the site is good enough for them.

To sum it up, Top Streaming Sites is created in hope that people can find a site to access their content of interest. If you look for a free site, we want to introduce you to the best free streaming sites that are safe and reliable. If you opt for paid streaming services, we help you know what kind of experience you can expect without having to pay a dime. We really hope with this site, you can make the most informed decision when you need to choose a streaming site to bookmark.


The hottest features of Top Streaming Sites!

No ads or pop-ups

We know how annoying ads and pop-ups can be and therefore, Top Streaming Sites does not sell any ads. While most ads are safe, some of them might do more harm than good, and we do not want any of my readers to have to take any risk to use Top Streaming Sites. We want you to feel safe on the site, so you can do your search without any worries.

Free of charge

Movies, TV shows, anime, manga, music, etc can be provided at no cost, so how can we have the audacity to charge for reviews? We believe that information should also be accessed for free. You do not need to pay any dime to have full access to the site’s content. Top Streaming Sites is created to help the community that we belong to. That would not make sense if people have to pay money to know which sites provide them with free content. Therefore, you can rest assured that Top Streaming Sites is free to use and will always be.


With such a huge list of streaming sites, Top Streaming Sites could become a mess if we hadn’t employed a clear and organized structure of clearly separated lists. No matter how tech-savvy you are, you will not have a hard time looking for the type of sites you are interested in. After all, how could we be trusted to judge a site’s UI & UX if my site is not even simple and user-friendly? And also, we believe that your time should be spent on your content of interest, not learning how to use Top Streaming Sites or how to navigate and browse through a streaming site.

Top Streaming Sites blog

While Top Streaming Sites focuses on reviewing streaming sites, the Top Streaming Sites blog will help you catch up with the world of free streaming and premium services. On the Top Streaming Sites blog, we will update all the latest news and happenings regarding streaming sites. If you want to be most updated about your favorite content, platforms, TV shows, movies, anime, manga, and many more, check out our Top Streaming Sites blog as well.

How can I support the site?

That is so kind of you! Of course, we appreciate all the help and support even in the slightest. Support does not mean money. To us, the biggest support we wish to get is your satisfaction. If you are satisfied with the information we provide and find it helpful, please share Top Streaming Sites with your friends and family, who are also struggling to find a site for their content of interest. We know my hard work pays off when our readers share the site on their social accounts, share the reviews with their fellow movie/anime/music lovers, or they spread the good word about Top Streaming Sites.

You might think Top Streaming Sites is a single-use site as one you have found the best site for your streaming, you will stick with it. Unfortunately, free sites might come and go, premium sites might increase their price and no longer are worth the money, therefore, you can also support us by bookmarking the site. There are chances you will need Top Streaming Sites more frequently than you expect.

How do I contact you if I have a question?

Please do not hesitate to contact us whenever you have a question, suggestion, or some feedback at [email protected] If you know a new streaming site that is not on the list, have technical issues while using the site, have suggestions to make the site better, or simply want to send me some supportive words, please feel free to email us. It will be more than welcome!

We hope you have a good time with Top Streaming Sites and manage to find a streaming site that can meet your requirements. You deserve to know the best site for streaming after all the reading on Top Streaming Sites!

P.S. Please be noted that none of the sites on Top Streaming Sites belongs to us and we take no responsibility for the content they host. Our job is to look through all the streaming sites we have come across and provide you with the honest reviews possible. Therefore, if you think any site is illegal or their content is infringing on your copyright, please contact the site’s owner to find a solution. Thank you and happy streaming, everyone!