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MangaInn is any of various digital comic websites used for streaming Asia comics, particularly Japanese Manga, Korean Manhwa, and Chinese Manhua. This website has proven its popularity with about 1 million visits per month.
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A vast manga library with diverse genres
The hottest manga is always updated quickly
Ease of access and user-friendliness
There are a few ads but no malicious pop ups
No mobile app is available
Has signs of cryptocurrency mining

About MangaInn

The steady popularity and undeniable appeal of Asian digital comic genres recently are beyond doubt. While there’s only a trickle of official websites, thousands of unofficial comic websites have been springing up every day. That makes manga lovers scratch their heads over finding their own true love. And MangaInn is a small fish in that vast ocean of comic website matrices. I hope today's review will help those interested in manga to have a clearer insight into one more manga website. And who knows, maybe someone can find their cup of tea after this review!

What is MangaInn (

MangaInn is any of various digital comic websites used for streaming Asia comics, particularly Japanese Manga, Korean Manhwa, and Chinese Manhua. This website has proven its popularity with about 1 million visits per month.

Is MangaInn safe?

I checked reputation at lots of sites, including Siteadvisor and MyWOT, and all give positive results. So I would describe it as secure. However, some other users suspect that MangaInn has signs of cryptocurrency mining. This is still unchecked, but for out of abundance of caution, you had better use extensions like uBlock Origin and HTTPS everywhere to avoid viruses, malware, and phishing.

Is using MangaInn legal?

Like most sites offering free online reading, MangaInn is not a legal website. But it is not a big deal! MangaInn pays great attention to protecting users' rights through its clear terms of use and privacy policy. If still not rest assured, you can stay completely anonymous with a VPN to avoid unnecessary troubles.

Is there a MangaInn app for mobile/iPad/tv?

Currently, MangaInn has not developed its own application yet. However, the site is mobile-friendly and Chromecast supported so you can use it with a browser.

Maintaining a large number of members and monthly huge traffic is no joke. But MangInn did it! In today’s review, let's find out the reasons why this little fish can capture the hearts of manga lovers like this.

MangaInn review

It is not a piece of cake to be able to stand out among the countless online manga websites. So what makes MangaInn's foothold to make it not overshadowed in the vast ocean?

Content library

Manga has a huge content store that includes Japanese Manga, Korean Manhwa, and Chinese Manhua divided into 35 different genres. No matter what your preferences are, you are most likely to find it on this site, from the most popular and latest releases to childhood classics, from the world of romance to the most thrilling action, or even mysterious historical plots. Maybe that is one of the main reasons people love MangaInn so much.


The comics at MangaInn all have good image quality with beautiful graphics and high resolution. Currently, most of the stories have been completed with coloring. So, besides the traditional black and white version, users can also enjoy familiar manga series from a different perspective.

Streaming experience

The reading process at MangaInn is very smooth and uninterrupted. There are ads that appear during reading, but they are put in places that do not distract the reader's mood. However, the most pity point that MangaInn should innovate is that it only allows readers to read 1 page at a time. Most comics currently are designed with large images, one page of a comic only contains from 2 to 3 story frames. Therefore, displaying only 1 page at a time can annoy readers because it makes them wait while redirecting to a new page. That is time-consuming and can interrupt the reader's emotion.


All stories here are updated regularly every day, especially hot comics. Although currently, the website has not updated the feature to publicize the story update schedule for readers yet, readers do not have to worry about having to wait too long for the latest story chapters.

User interface

MangaInn's interface is not fussy at all. It follows the traditional design of regular manga sites. Not unique or creative, even too simple. However, it is the simplicity that makes it earn much love from readers. MangaInn's ease of access and user-friendliness are the key to reaching readers of all ages, from amateurs to die-hard manga fans. You can search your comic of interest with the search box, or use the site's filter to find something matching your preferences. MangaInn has all the necessary features put in the most convenient location to bring a perfect reading experience for the reader.

Device compatibility

MangaInn is mobile-friendly, and Chromecast supported. You can read comics online just with your phone or PC. But, it’d better enjoy it on tablets with large screens to bring your reading experience to the fullest.

Ads and popups

Most of the free manga reading sites have ads. And MangInn is no exception! However, the number of ads is acceptable and it won’t disturb the user's reading experience. Just don’t click on any ads or popups, and you and your beloved device will be completely safe.

Account or registration

There is no commitment involved when using MangaInn. All you need is an Internet-enabled device to access the site's huge database and enjoy streaming it without limitations. However, there are some member-only benefits that may make you take registration into consideration, such as being able to leave a comment and discuss with like-minded other readers about your favorite series or bookmark to save comics to your own list for reading later.

Customer care

You can directly leave your message, feedback, or suggestion on the website to connect with MangaInn's admin team. We haven’t reached out to them yet as we have no problems to report so far, but with a passion for comics and a desire to grow their manga community, definitely they will treasure their users and are willing to listen to any inputs.

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MangaInn is any of various digital comic websites used for streaming Asia comics, particularly Japanese Manga, Korean Manhwa, and Chinese Manhua. This website has proven its popularity with about 1 million visits per month.
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