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USTVGO is a popular free IPTV platform that allows you to watch live channels for no cost. This website can be accessed with just a reliable internet connection and a VPN (A VPN is necessary to keep your data and information safe from hackers).
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No lagging and buffering
Straightforward and sleek web design
Easy to track channel list
Easy streaming
Limited ads
80+ channels
Can’t get access to the website sometimes


In recent years, IPTV services have dominated the internet. USTVGO is one of the most popular IPTV providers, allowing customers to view 80+ TV channels for free. These IPTV websites and APKs are being touted as a viable alternative to costly cable television. The majority of consumers are migrating to IPTV – whether free or premium – since they receive a media player and an app in one package and don't have to pay anything. As a result, such streaming services minimize the need for customers to set up equipment and pay nearly hundreds of dollars per month for channels they don't watch. IPTV websites, such as USTVGO, allow live access to the material, unlike other free streaming services. So, if you want to watch shows like 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,' you can tune in on NBC using the TV schedule supplied on the website and watch them live as they air on television.

What is USTVGO?

USTVGO is a popular free IPTV platform that allows you to watch live channels for no cost. This website can be accessed with just a reliable internet connection and a VPN (A VPN is necessary to keep your data and information safe from hackers).

Is USTVGO legal and safe?

USTVGO is not a legitimate streaming platform. Because it contains content that is freely available without the owner's license or consent.
However, you can safely browse the web safely by using the VNP service to remain anonymous. On the other hand, some channels are only available on a select few countries, using VNP will help you overcome this barrier.

Is there a USTVGO app for mobile/ipad/tv?
USTVGO has a mobile version running the Android operating system. You can access Google Play, search for the term "USTVGO", select the first result and click download.
Or you can also access the following address to download directly

USTVGO review

Because of its live TV service, USTVGO is seen as a cord-cutting alternative. You may view live shows from more than 80 stations at the same time they are broadcasting. There is no waiting time for episodes that are published a day later, as many streaming sites that transmit streaming material do. You don't have to wait for a day with USTVGO. You may share your material with the rest of the world by streaming it and watching it.

1. No ads

The one-click functionality is the most distinguishing characteristic of USTVGO. You don't have to fight adverts or sift through irrelevant stuff. All you have to do is click on a channel, and the channel will begin playing without interruption. As a result, as soon as you reach the homepage, you're only a click away from live-action, making the entire experience a breeze.

2. No lagging and buffering

While most IPTV websites rely on advertisements to make money, USTVGO is an exception. I've streamed live TV more than all my life, and I've never had any difficulties with nibbles while doing so. There are no differences between visiting the website and watching live television. There are no intrusive pop-ups or native advertisements. And one characteristic can be blamed for this the next one.

3. Strictly controlled ads

It's not that there aren't any advertisements on USTVGO. It does feature advertisements, but they are all well-managed. They don't interfere with your surfing experience or cause you to leave the site. The homepage is ad-free, while adverts appear on the inner pages in the form of widgets on the right. 

4. Schedule

You can see the schedule for the next two days just under the stream on USTVGO. So, if you stream on Monday, you'll also receive the schedule for Tuesday, allowing you to plan properly. Now, I understand that this may not seem like a huge issue to you, but when we're caught up, features like this ensure that we don't miss the most anticipated premieres. Another feature I enjoy is that you don't have to search for or check a channel's schedule on their website; instead, it is delivered to you for free, making streaming and scheduling even better.

5. Professional web design

Clean and sleek are two qualities that come to mind when describing USTVGO's website. With a grey backdrop, red highlights, and black lettering, the site looks quite understated. It's really clear and simple, which is the polar opposite of what you'll find on most IPTV ad-laden websites. It has the appearance of a scheduling network, and you may access the material by clicking the words. Sure, there isn't much in the way of graphical style and foundation, but it is quite user-friendly.

Forget scrolling around your TV or continuously pushing your remote to get the station you want. You'll see the channels listed twice on the USTVGO webpage. You may access them either by the channel thumbnail on the left, which has 10-12 channels per page or through the whole list on the right, which is organized alphabetically. It's quite straightforward.

If the alphabetical listing of channels wasn't enough, there's also a search box where you may directly search for a channel. The overall fluidity of this website is fantastic. Definitely not what you'd expect from a free IPTV website. It's worth looking at the utility aspect alone.

6. Fair content library

You can get access to more than 80 channels including News (CNN, ABC, NBC,…), Entertainment (MTV, T&T, USA Network,…), Premium ( HBO, NFL,…) and Sports (ESPN, NFL Network, NBA TV,…). Aside from these four categories, children's networks such as Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon are available. You may also watch documentaries and specials on Discovery, Animal Planet, Travel, and TLC, to name a few networks. The availability of premium channels such as HBO, Starz, and Bravo, which individually cost roughly $4.99 per month when made publicly available by the networks' owners via premium services, is the most shocking aspect. It's never been easier to watch your favourite shows live. Imagine being able to watch practically any late-night show, premium NBA and NFL coverage, HBO and STARZ programming for free. And it's not just a promise; it's a real deal, which makes USTVGO my go-to service for watching free stuff.

7. Many device compatibilities

If you felt the content and user interface were the only excellent aspects of it, I'd advise you to reconsider. The streaming experience on desktop and mobile is on par with any premium service. There are no advertisements, and the website may be streamed on any platform. It works with all devices, including phones, desktops, and tablets, as well as Roku. You don't have a Roku device? USTVGO is also compatible with Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, and the Kodi box, so it's not a problem.

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11+ Best USTVGO Alternatives For Free Live TV Streaming Sites

USTVGO is a popular free IPTV platform that allows you to watch live channels for no cost. This website can be accessed with just a reliable internet connection and a VPN (A VPN is necessary to keep your data and information safe from hackers).
OKLiveTV provides one of the most extensive contents streaming experiences with its valuable content. Most people enjoy watching live television and have a cable subscription to keep up with breaking news. You don't have to spend a dime to watch a wide variety of stuff, including ongoing news, entertainment shows, and adult content from around the world, on OKLiveTV.
The Roku Channel
If you live in the United States, you have probably heard of Roku; I am betting you have. In fact, whether it is the Roku stick, box, or TV, there is a high possibility you have used and possibly even owned a Roku device at some point. Roku has played a crucial part in building the streaming industry into the multibillion-dollar worldwide industry that it is today as one of the first firms to make streaming publicly available in the United States.
wwiTV is a live-streaming service that provides links to third-party content providers. It primarily provides information on news and entertainment from over 200 channel stations throughout the world. The design and layout of wwiTV reveal that it is one of the earliest streaming providers.
Squid TV
In recent years, watching free TV has grown fairly popular. You don't have to spend hours exploring the internet for the material you want to view because there are so many IPTV websites available. Previously, we would type in a term and be sent to phishing websites. We would quickly leave the page, disgusted by the advertising and missed clicks. However, we now have one of the most trusted websites to consume material, thanks to reputable free IPTV services like Squid TV.
FreeInterTV, which was founded by Alexander Tsybulsky, provides free news, entertainment, and music channels. One of my close friends forwarded me a link to this site, advising me to check out the interface and overall service. Here's what I discovered after nearly two weeks of viewing on the network. There are over 1900 channels with live broadcasts from throughout the world. I don't want you to think of it as freeware; instead, think of it as free Internet TV. It works in a similar way to USTV GO. The sole difference between the two of them is that FreeInterTV offers a far larger library of international channels. Every week, they continue to add more channels, and to my amazement, regional networks from India, Russia, Ukraine, and Turkey have been featured.
OLWeb TV is an entirely free streaming service that does not require any payment or membership. The most remarkable thing about OLWeb TV is that you will not have to deal with those annoying adverts that make you want to leave immediately.
Quality might be inconsistent on free live TV streaming sites. Finding a service that allows you to stream live TV for free with an excellent user interface, a mobile-friendly experience, a plethora of features, and consistent HD streaming without lagging can be challenging. So, where does Jago BD, a Bangladeshi free live TV streaming service, rank on the scale of best to worst free live TV streaming sites? Let's find out in this review!
Bongo BD
The backstory of Bongo BD is one of the most intriguing of any streaming site. This startup did not start the traditional way, with an entrepreneur deciding to develop a streaming service, finding investors, and then launching it. Bongo BD stumbled into the streaming sector as a result of unanticipated and uncontrollable growth on another channel.
LiveNewsMag is a news aggregator that provides its readers with access to more than 50 news streaming stations from across the world. Free access to the world's top news networks is available with a steady internet connection.
USTV247 can become your new best buddy if you appreciate watching TV online. A fantastic online streaming service called USTV247 gives consumers free access to hundreds of US TV networks right from their web browser. USTV247 not only offers a large selection of well-liked US television networks, but also US radio stations, US news networks, and US sports. Let’s learn more about this website, shall we?