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LiveNewsMag is a news aggregator that provides its readers with access to more than 50 news streaming stations from across the world. Free access to the world's top news networks is available with a steady internet connection.
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News focused
Local news
High-quality Livestream
Not many channels
Average design

About LiveNewsMag

LiveNewsMag is a news aggregator that provides its readers with access to more than 50 news streaming stations from across the world. Free access to the world's top news networks is available with a steady internet connection.

Real-time streaming

On-demand or catch-up programming is not available through LiveNewsMag. Almost every news station on the site features live content. As a result, if you turn on CNN right now, you will see the same programming as on your cable network. What is more, it gives you a synopsis for each station, so you can figure out if you are interested in watching a news channel you have never heard of before.

Broad News Coverage

The content is not only news-focused, but it also includes content from major media outlets throughout the world. You can follow whatever news channel you like, from the BBC in the United Kingdom to CNN in the United States, from Zee News in India to Al-Jazeera Network in the Middle East.

One-click access

This feature has already been seen on the USTVGO streaming service. Although LiveNewsMag contains advertisements, the user experience is not compromised. You can access the news feed through the media player by clicking on a specific channel as soon as you join the website. When utilising the search box to find a channel that is not visible on the homepage, you have to click more than once.

Separate ads with browsing

Sure, there are a lot of advertisements on this streaming service. They are, however, strategically placed and do not irritate users. On the right, there is a separate native blog advertisement section, followed by a few banners in the hero part. Apart from that, there are no intrusive pop-ups or misclicks that force you to visit another website.

Local news

When it comes to LiveNewsMag, you receive not just the main news station, but also a regional news network. As a result, if you are in Dallas and want to see what is going on in San Francisco, you can go from Fox 2 to Fox 4. Fox 5 is for Atlanta, Fox 35 is for Orlando, Fox 12 is for Tampa Bay, and so on. Remember, this was only the Fox Network; there is also ABC, NBC, MSNBC, and a slew of other important networks. As a result, you will never miss a beat on any hard or soft news breaking across the country.

How can I get to LiveNewsMag?

LiveNewsMag can be found by typing a term into a search engine or by following this link: LiveNewsMag. Before you do so, I strongly advise you to utilise a VPN to ensure that you are always secure from hackers.


LiveNewsMag is unquestionably superior to FreeInterTV design-wise. It is not utterly bland, even though it does not seem the greatest in the news category. This webpage uses the American flag colours of blue, red, and white throughout. When you first arrive on the homepage, you will see a header in that colour scheme, followed by a category tab in red and white. With a grey background, you can see some variability as you walk down, but that is about it.

Hero section

Along with the sharing button and search bar on the right, the hero area of LiveNewsMag contains a menu with options such as American, Europe, Russia, Africa, Al Jazeera Network, Subscribe Pro, and Contact us. Each of these menus has a sub-category if you hover over the options. When you hover over America, for example, you will see Fox News and NBC News. When you select one of those alternatives, you will be directed to a page with regional channels from those news organisations. A slide menu with four slides – ABC, ABC 7 Chicago, ABC News 24, and ABC 13 Action News – is also available.


If you spend most of your time viewing the news, LiveNewsMag could be a good alternative to your paid news services. NBC, MSNBC, ABC, CNN, Fox, BBC, Al-Jazeera, ADOM TV (Ghana), Emmanuel TV (Nigeria), and Zee News are among the 50+ major news networks available (India).

On this website, you can watch whatever news you desire. Keeping up with the world has never been easier thanks to the availability of regional content. Having said that, this streaming service is lacking in depth. Sure, it includes major news networks from the United States and the United Kingdom, but it excludes content from the bulk of European countries, as well as Indian news channels like NDTV, Republic TV, and Aaj Tak, to mention a few.

Mobile/desktop experience

I was able to stream LiveNewsMag on my 14" Dell laptop and had a good experience. I also tried streaming it on my Google Pixel 2, and it was a good experience as well. However, due to the advertising – which was minimal in this case – I have to admit that streaming on a desktop seems better than streaming on a mobile phone. The developer appears to be aware that disruptive advertising might increase bounce rates, and has sought to improve the user experience by strategically positioning adverts.


I would want to see LiveNewsMag expand its content offering. The amount of channels offered is now enough exclusively for American customers. If they want to reach a global audience, they should consider markets like India, Australia, New Zealand, and other Asian nations.

Though I understand that ad money is the main force in such a content collecting website, and CPC is low in such nations, neglection is inevitable. However, if that is the criterion, having African or Middle Eastern news networks makes little sense.


If you are in the United States and want to watch the news for free, check LiveNewsMag. It does not have the most channels, but it does provide a reliable streaming service. There is no premium network or service that will give you an adrenaline rush, but if you enjoy news, I am confident you already have plenty.

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LiveNewsMag is a news aggregator that provides its readers with access to more than 50 news streaming stations from across the world. Free access to the world's top news networks is available with a steady internet connection.
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