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Reaperscans is a free manhwa and web novel website where you can search and read manhwa and web novel for free. As the name suggests, its main focus is to provide free and high-quality manhwa and web novels from across all genres for everyone to read with just internet-connected devices. Personally, I find that Reaperscans is a trustworthy website which offers genuine free manhwa and web novel because the site’s loading speed is pretty fast and it’s also ad-free!
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No registration
Ad-free and safe
Fast loading and browsing
Crystal clear pages
Manhwa and web novel
Discord channel
Small library

About Reaperscans

Comic books have become increasingly popular forms of entertainment worldwide, with millions of fans eagerly consuming new releases each year. These works often feature complex storylines, vibrant characters, and stunning artwork, making them a beloved medium for both young and old readers alike. However, purchasing physical copies of comic books can be expensive and time-consuming, making it difficult for fans to access their favorite titles. 


This has led to a growing need for free reading sites like Reaper Scans to cater to the demands of this passionate audience, providing a convenient and affordable way for fans to indulge in their favorite stories. is among the top free sites for comics thanks to its high-quality translations as well as great community engagement. However, the site has recently faced lots of complaints about its delays (sometimes 5-10 chapters behind) and gone series. Is the site still worth it now? Should you use it or look for better alternatives? In this review, we will take a look at what the site is, what the benefits and drawbacks are, how easy it is to read comics books online for free there, etc. Hopefully, with this detailed review, you can decide whether this is your ideal site for free comic reading. 


Is Reaper Scans Down? What Happened to Reader Scans?

The site is working fine at the time of this writing. If the site is down for you, please check its status via this link: If it is not down for others, the problem might be related to your Internet connection or device.


You can try clearing your browser cache and cookies or accessing the site using a different device or Internet connection to see if that resolves the issue. If the problem persists, you can contact the website's support team for assistance.


What Is Reaper Scans?

Reaper Scans is a scanlation group that specializes in translating, scanlating, and releasing Korean and Chinese webtoons, as well as some Japanese manga series. The group was established in 2018 and has since gained popularity among manga readers for its high-quality translations and releases. Some of the popular manga and webtoon series that Reaper Scans has worked on include Solo Leveling, Peerless Dad, and Second Life Ranker. is the group’s official website. The website serves as a platform for the group to release their translations to a non-Japanese speaking audience. On the Reaperscans website, readers can access and read the group's latest releases for free. The website is well-organized, making it easy to navigate and find specific manga or webtoon titles. In addition to reading manga, readers can also interact with other users on the website through the comments section.


Is Reaper Scans Free?

Yes, accessing Reaper Scans' website at is free of charge. The group provides their translations of manga and webtoons to readers for free as a fan-made project. The website does not require any kind of subscription or payment to access and read their releases.

However, Reaper Scans does have a Patreon page where fans can support the group's work by becoming patrons. Becoming a patron of ReaperScans through Patreon involves a $5 monthly subscription fee. This subscription includes benefits such as access to exclusive content, community access, and a Discord rank.


Is Reaper Scans Safe?

We failed to find any reports of significant safety problems or security breaches associated with the website, even on its subreddit. The site seems to be a safe place to read manga online for free. However, it is a good practice to use up-to-date anti-virus software and avoid clicking on suspicious links or downloading unknown files.


Is Reaper Scans Legal?

Reaperscans is a legitimate and cost-free platform for manhwa and web novel enthusiasts. Their commitment to legality is evident in their transparent approach of linking to and crediting the original sources of their content directly on their website. They explicitly state that they do not possess ownership of any material on the site, as it is all contributed by fans worldwide and is also accessible through various sharing portals such as Facebook, Reddit, and others.


The Benefits of Reaper Scans

  • Legal and legitimate content: Reaper Scans provides a legal and legitimate platform for fans to enjoy their favorite manhwa and web novels without any legal risks or ethical concerns.
  • Free access: The website offers free access to a wide range of manhwa and web novel titles, which makes it an affordable option for avid readers.
  • Convenient and easy-to-use: The platform is user-friendly and easy to navigate, allowing readers to quickly and easily find the titles they are interested in.
  • High-quality scans and translations: Reaper Scans is known for providing high-quality scans and translations of manhwa and web novels, which enhances the overall reading experience for fans.
  • Community engagement: Reaper Scans has a strong community of fans and readers, which fosters engagement and discussion among like-minded individuals.
  • Availability on various platforms: The content available on Reaper Scans can also be accessed through various other sharing portals, making it accessible to a wider audience.


The Drawbacks of Reaper Scans

  • Limited selection: While Reaper Scans does offer a wide range of manhwa and web novel titles, their selection may not be as comprehensive as other platforms or websites.
  • Copyright issues: Despite their efforts to provide legal and legitimate content, there is still a risk of copyright infringement since the content is not owned by Reaper Scans.
  • Quality control: As with any platform that relies on user-generated content, there may be inconsistencies in the quality of scans and translations.
  • Language barrier: Some readers may not be fluent in English, which could limit their ability to access and enjoy the content on Reaper Scans.
  • Advertisements: Like many other free websites, Reaper Scans may have advertisements that can be intrusive or disruptive to the reading experience.
  • Technical issues: Users may experience technical issues or difficulties accessing the website, especially during peak usage times.
  • Unreliable updates: While Reaper Scans strives to provide regular updates, there are delays or inconsistencies in the release schedule due to various factors.


Reaper Scans Real Experience

From our own experience exploring the site, Reaper Scans is a great site to read free comics online. We scrolled through the homepage and then decided to take a look at Past Life Returner Chapter 35. And here is our detailed review: 

  1. User interface: It was easy to find our series of interest by using the search bar placed at the top of the site. The content is divided into 2 sections: Comics and Novels. The homepage provides you with Today’s Picks, Latest Comics, and Latest Novels, and ads. We’d appreciate it more if the filtering system is more specific, for example, it lets us choose by genre, year, countries, etc. 
  2. Quality of streaming: The loading speed was a bit slow (could be our Internet connection though). Overall, the quality was good, translation was not the best, but decent and easy to understand for English speaking readers. 
  3. Availability across devices: As stated in the list of benefits, Reaper Scans is accessible on multiple devices, including desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. We accessed the site on our PC, then switched to laptop, and smartphone. It definitely works the best on PC but looks totally fine on other devices as well. 
  4. Additional features: The site offers a notification system that allows us to receive alerts when new chapters of our favorite manga or manhwa are released. It also has a comments section where we can discuss and share our thoughts on the latest chapters, characters, and storylines with other fellow comics lovers. If you are a patron, you can join the site’s Discord group to get directly connected with the team. 


How to Use Reaper Scans?

Using Reaper Scans to read manhwa is a straightforward process. Here are the general steps to follow:

  • Go to the Reaper Scans website at
  • Browse the selection of manhwa and web novel titles using the navigation bar at the top of the page or the search bar.
  • Once you find a title you want to read, click on it to access the individual series page.
  • On the series page, you can read the synopsis, view the cover image, and access the available chapters.
  • Click on a chapter to begin reading. You can navigate through the pages using the arrows or the scroll bar.
  • Enjoy the chapter and continue reading additional chapters as desired.
  • You can also participate in the Reaper Scans community by leaving comments or engaging in discussions on the series pages or in the forums.

Is There An App for Reaper Scans? 

After scouring the Internet, we failed to find any Reaper Scans app or Reaper Scans APK. There is actually an APK file named Reaper Scans, but it is for an epic action RPG that lets you become the Black Swordsman and slay thousands of enemies (yes, totally irrelevant). Therefore, it is safe to say the site does not offer any applications yet. 

However, you can read comics online without any charge and smoothly only by using the official website through a secure and up-to-date web browser. This ensures that you are accessing the legitimate and safe version of the platform. 


Reaper Scans In a Nutshell

Overall, Reaper Scans is a legal and free website that provides a platform for fans to read manga, manhwa and web novels. The platform offers a wide selection of titles, and the content is contributed by fans worldwide. Reaper Scans is committed to legality and transparency, linking and crediting the original sources of their content directly on their website. While there may be limitations to using Reaper Scans, such as a limited selection and potential copyright issues, the platform provides a convenient and easy-to-use platform for readers to enjoy their favorite titles.


Although Reaper Scans is a popular and free website for reading manhwa and web novels, there have been ongoing complaints about delays in releasing new content. To remain competitive, the site should address these issues promptly. With a growing number of free comic sites available, readers have more options to choose from, and delays could cause them to seek Reaper Scans alternatives.


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