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Now TV

Now TV
NOW TV is a Sky Network portal. A NOW TV subscription gives you access to Sky's unique content, including sports and movie channels, as well as additional perks. Each NOW TV pass includes the most recent material to keep you up to date on what's going on in the news. As a result, it is not just sports but also a dynamic resource that offers many advantages over its competitors.
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Great deals great price
Huge content collection in a wide variety of area
Daily, weekly and monthly pass available
Buffering and lagging sometimes
Now TV

About Now TV

Every major streaming network is envious of Sky's incredible programming vault. As a viewer, NOW TV is the streaming site you need if you want to watch Sky's whole library of programs but can't afford its satellite service. Sure, it's not as comprehensive as Sky's full package, but it still has enough material compared to every major streaming service on the planet.

NOW TV offers four different passes, similar to Hotstar's VIP and Premium subscriptions and I love all of them. You can consume whatever stuff you desire with these passes. For example, if I want to watch Football or Cricket, I can select the Sports Pass, which is tailored to my demands.

NOW TV for newbie

NOW TV is a Sky Network portal. A NOW TV subscription gives you access to Sky's unique content, including sports and movie channels, as well as additional perks. Each NOW TV pass includes the most recent material to keep you up to date on what's going on in the news. As a result, it is not just sports but also a dynamic resource that offers many advantages over its competitors.


The best way to characterize its user interface is minimalistic and eye-catching. The website's navigation is straightforward. Sure, there were some usability issues, but the overall first impression of the website is appealing. The colour combination of space blue and white is fantastic, with the colourful cinema pass being the first vivid element to catch your eye. Every pass has its own colour, which complements the website's general design.

A poster beneath the passes advertises an annual pass. When I last checked, it was promoting Avengers Endgame as part of Sky Cinema and Game of Thrones as the recreational banner. A sports banner featuring Premier League stars Sadio Mane and John Stones, similar to those banners, is used to entice consumers to the sports pass. Two little covers for Kids channels and Hayu are underneath these banners.


Its greatest strength, in my opinion, is its offerings. You don't have to purchase the entire package; instead, you may pick and choose from a variety of custom-made options. Let's take a look at what these passes provide users in terms of content.

Entertainment Pass

If you subscribe to the entertainment pass, you'll get access to several popular channels, including Sky One, Sky Atlantic, Sky Living, ITV Encore, MTV, Nat Geo Wild, and ABC Studio, among others.... Despite the fact that they are just a third of the channels available with a full Sky Tv package, there's no doubt that these are the greatest Sky channels available, with Sky Atlantic being my personal favourite. It's not just about the channels; you also receive access to extra on-demand programs. With this pass, you'll get access to the most recent material for a month. Shows like The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones fall under this category.

Cinema Pass

A Cinema pass would normally be considered part of the Entertainment pass, but this doesn't apply here. You can watch over 1000 movies on demand with NOW TV's Cinema pass. These films include everything from classic movies to recent releases. Each film is divided into genres ranging from sci-fi to fiction, thriller to action, comedy to romance. Every day brings a fresh premiere, which has kept me captivated on my pass so far. Furthermore, I get access to ten Sky Cinema channels, including but not limited to Megahits, Disney, and Premiere.

Kids Pass

If you purchase the Kids Pass, you can watch Cartoon Network, Boomerang, Cartoonito, Nick Jr, Nickelodeon, and Nicktoons, among other children's networks. On-demand and catch-up programming are also available. I like the image-based interface since it lets your child pick whatever they want without bothering you. With over a thousand episodes, the content collection caters to children of all ages. You also have parental control over what your children watch and can't watch. The only aspect of this package that disappointed me is that it doesn't have Disney channel.

Sky Sports Pass

I'm a die-hard Premier League supporter. As a result, this was the first pass that drew my eye. Even if your selections are limited because you only have access to the top ten channels, you can still watch a range of sports like basketball, golf, tennis, horse racing, and Formula 1. Sky Sports Action programming, which includes Rugby Union, NFL, Boxing, Darts, Athletics, Tennis, and more, is also available to users. Apart from that, you'll get access to Sky Sports News, which will keep you up to date on the latest sports news.

Hayu Pass

The Hayu Pass is distinct from the other passes mentioned. 'Keeping up with the Kardashians' and other reality shows are available to stream with this pass. Despite the lack of live channels, there are over 5000 programs available to stream.

Desktop/Mobile experience

I found no difficulties with NOW TV compatibility. The number of platforms that support it is increasing. NOW TV is now available on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4 game consoles, as well as Roku, Smart VS, PC and MAC computers. If you wish to watch videos on your phone, there are applications for Android and iOS.

NOW TV Smart Box – A major attraction

The NOW TV Smart Box is one of my favourites because it has HD capability. While standard passes only offer 720p quality, Smart Box gives you access to up to 12 full HD channels. You may also stop and rewind live television so you don't miss a thing. Some flaws exist, such as the inability to watch the following program or explore deeper. These are minor interface flaws that will be addressed in the upcoming release.

Smart Stick – Turning an ordinary television into a Smart TV

Smart Stick is less expensive than Smart Box and has more features. It has an HD streaming experience as well as voice search. To get access to the smart stick, sign in to your NOW TV account first, then put the stick into an HDMI port and you're ready to go.

Plans & Pricing

Unlike big streaming networks, which provide a 30-day free trial, NOW TV only offers a seven-day free trial. One thing to keep in mind is that it will transition to a monthly payment by itself unless you cancel it before the trial is over. After the 7-day trial period has expired, you will be asked to pick a pass. The following are the prices for the passes: 

– Sky Cinema Pass – £9.99/mo 

– Sky Cinema Pass – £9.99/mo  

– Sports Pass: £7.99 per day, £12.99 per week, £33.99 per month 

– Kids Pass: £3.99 per month

Suggestions I have for NOW TV

While the television experience appears to remain unaffected, the in-app experience isn't the same. On Android, there are performance difficulties that cause streaming troubles, leading the app to crash at times. Despite the fact that it has improved since the last update, I believe there are still many more things to improve and bugs to fix.

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Now TV
NOW TV is a Sky Network portal. A NOW TV subscription gives you access to Sky's unique content, including sports and movie channels, as well as additional perks. Each NOW TV pass includes the most recent material to keep you up to date on what's going on in the news. As a result, it is not just sports but also a dynamic resource that offers many advantages over its competitors.
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Only a few cable networks have survived the seismic transformation in the media environment that came with the turn of the century. Over the previous 30 years, the television business as a whole has seemed almost persistently distrustful of the internet. The internet, on the other hand, marched on regardless, and computers swiftly replaced televisions as the home's new hearth.
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Finding the best TV streaming service is difficult these days as there are so many options for live TV streaming. There are numerous methods to cut the cord, each with its own set of material, price points, and viewing options, and, of course, each streaming site falls somewhere on the quality spectrum. And, as I am sure many of you have already know, when it comes to free live TV streaming services, both sides of the spectrum can go very extreme - I have seen some free live TV streaming sites in my time that made me laugh out loud because they were so horrible.