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LeviathanScans is a website that provides free, high-quality scans of comic books from a variety of publishers. Whether you're looking for the latest issue of your favorite Marvel or DC comic, or something a little more obscure, chances are LeviathanScans has it.
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No registration
Ad-free and safe
Fast loading and browsing
Crystal clear pages
Manga, manhua, manhwa and pornhwa
No contact
Small library of manga
Many ads in free mode

About Leviatanscans

I stumbled on LeviatanScans while looking for ‘good comic book reading site free reddit’ on Google, only to find a whole subreddit there just to tell us not to use it. I took the warnings seriously and skipped the site right away. However, as I was assigned to give the site a review, knowing that viewers of Top Streaming Sites want a thorough, detailed, and accurate review of each and every site, I came back to give the site a careful look. 

I will write down my own real experience using this free comic site here and leave the decision to use it or not to you. Our reviews are merely written in order to provide users with the most up-to-date information and our real thoughts when using a site as a user. Everyone has their own standards when looking for a site to read comics online for free. Therefore, read on, LeviatanScans might have something that you need much enough to overlook its drawbacks. 

In this review, you will be looking at what LeviatanScans is, whether it is free/legal/safe to use, its pros and cons, our real experience using the site, and everything else related to how to read your favorite comics free on the site. 


What Is LeviatanScans?

To understand clearly what this comics site is, let’s learn about those who created it. 

LeviatanScans is a group that translates action, martial arts, fantasy, and romance webtoons for English-speaking readers and offers these translations for free to readers. They created as an online comic book library that lets you read and download your favorite comics for free. With a wide selection of titles to choose from, including regular new releases, users will never run out of comics to keep them entertained.

Leviatanscans' commitment to excellence sets them apart from other comic book scanning websites. They take pleasure in only utilizing the best scans, and they ensure that the entire comic, not just the primary story, is included. As a result, you won't miss any crucial information when reading your comics in full.

User experience is also given first priority by Leviatanscans, which is excellent. You can find the comics you're looking for quickly thanks to the website's simple navigation. You can even read your favorite comics on the fly thanks to their practical smartphone app.


Is LeviatanScans Free?

One of the best things about LeviathanScans is that they provide their scans for free. You don't have to worry about paying for a subscription or anything like that. Just find the comic you want to read, click on the link, and start reading. If you appreciate their hard work, you can become a patron, donate to them on Paypal, or buy them a coffee on Ko-fi. Just be noted that you can still watch as many comics as you wish, without paying a single dime. 


Is LeviatanScans Safe?

Although there is some controversy and technical issues associated with the site, none of them says that LeviatanScans is not safe. is confirmed to be safe by W3 Tools, Norton ConnectSafe, SafeSearch, Google Safe Browsing, and McAfee. This site is very likely not a scam but legit and reliable.


Is LeviatanScans Legal?

The Twitter profile of LeviatanScans indicates that they've been translating a variety of webtoons for English-speaking readers since 2019, which implies that they offer unofficial translations of comics. While the content on their site may not be legal, it's perfectly legal to read comics online on Leviatanscans, as confirmed by copyright attorneys.


However, it's important to exercise caution if you wish to share or download this content, as it can be considered illegal in certain countries. To avoid any potential legal issues, it's best to take precautionary measures such as using a reliable VPN.


The Benefits of LeviatanScans

  • Free access to manga, manhwa, and webtoons: LeviatanScans gives readers a fantastic free way to experience their favorite webcomics, manga, and manhwa. For people who wish to discover new series or who do not have the finances to buy manga volumes or get access to official translations, this is a huge benefit.
  • High-quality translations: The volunteer staff behind LeviatanScans is renowned for their dedication to producing translations of the highest caliber. They put a lot of effort into producing accurate and well-written translations, making it simpler for readers to comprehend and appreciate their favorite stories.
  • Regular updates: LeviatanScans often publishes new chapters of continuing series, allowing fans to stay up to date with their favorite books. This is especially helpful for readers who favor continuing series rather than finished ones.
  • User-friendly website and mobile app: The website is made to be simple to navigate, making it easy to find the comics you're looking for. Also, LeviatanScans provides a mobile app so that users can access their favorite works while on the go.
  • Community involvement: The creators of LeviatanScans are quite engaged in the reader and fan community. They welcome reader comments and suggestions and are constantly searching for ways to make the website and the translation quality better.
  • Discord: This benefit is given to patrons only so they can connect with the team and receive full transparency into hosting and translation costs. 


The Drawbacks of LeviatanScans

  • Unauthorized translations: LeviatanScans provides unauthorized translations of manga, manhwa, and webtoons. Although it is allowed to read these translations for free online, it's vital to be aware that downloading or sharing this content may be prohibited in some nations.
  • Quality of translations: While LeviatanScans is renowned for its dedication to producing high-quality translations, there may occasionally be discrepancies. Readers who are wanting to appreciate a story but are prevented from doing so by inadequate translations may find this to be aggravating.
  • Limited selection: Although LeviatanScans offers access to a large number of well-known works, their choice may be smaller than that of other manga or webtoon websites. 
  • No official support for creators: LeviatanScans does not formally support the authors or publishers of the original literature because they offer unlicensed translations. Supporting a website that makes money off of the work of others without their consent may make some readers uneasy.
  • Advertisements: In order to make money, LeviatanScans, like many other free websites, displays adverts. There are numerous ads on the website, ranging from pop-ups to calendar ads to those that occupy a significant portion of the screen. Some ads also use deceptive tactics, such as disguising the close button or not providing one at all, which can be frustrating for users.
  • Potential malware: There is a risk of malware or viruses on every website that offers free content. To prevent any damage to their devices, readers should exercise caution while downloading or installing any software from the website.
  • Discord: Patrons constantly complain about the moderators on Discord as the mods ban them for almost no reason. This feature is given to patrons (who pay), so they should be treated with respect and transparency there.  


LeviatanScans Real Experience

From my own experience exploring the site, LeviatanScans is still a decent free site to read comics for free online. I scrolled through the homepage and then decided to take a look at My Dad is Too Strong (the girl looks cute, haha). And here is my detailed review: 

  1. First Impression: To be honest, I expected the homepage to be bombarded with ads and pop-ups (as people complained about it a lot on Reddit), but the homepage looks clean with no ads at all. 
  2. User interface: It was easy to use. The homepage is filled with Popular, Last Releases, Upcoming, Manga Completed, Drama, Action and Fantasy. Quite strange the list, but I guess it’s based on the site’s users’ preferences. The filtering would be so much better if the genre list box popped up when we moved the mouse to Manga. Instead, you have to click on it to see the list on a subpage. 
  3. Quality of loading: The loading speed is quite impressive. I kept rolling down and one third of the chapter was loaded almost immediately. The reading experience was smooth as there were no pop-ups at all. Some ads appeared on the page but they did not interfere with my reading in any way. 
  4. Availability across devices: Leviatanscans is accessible on various devices, including desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. I accessed the site on our PC, laptop, and smartphone. Although it definitely works the best on PC, it is smoothly run on smartphones as well. 
  5. Additional features: Each title comes with detailed information such as Plot, Genres, and recommended titles in case you love what you are reading. As a viewer who does not sign up, I failed to find any other additional feature of the site. The site has an active Twitter page in case you have any further inquiries. As said, they also have a Discord channel, where they can answer you faster. But yes, that channel is the reason so many have left the site, mostly because of the mods’ dictatorship. 


How to Read Comics on LeviatanScans?

To read comics online for free on LeviatanScans, you can simply follow these steps:

  • Visit the site via this link: ​ 
  • Look for your title of interest by using the search bar, or scroll through the homepage. 
  • Click on the title to be led to the subpage with more information about the comic. 
  • Click on Read First to read the first chapter, Read Last to read the latest release, or choose a specific chapter listed down below. 
  • And enjoy them for free! 

Is There An App or APK for LeviatanScans? 

After scouring the Internet, we failed to find any Leviatanscans app or Leviatanscans APK.  However, users can access the website on their mobile browsers to read comics. 


LeviatanScans In a Nutshell

Overall, while LeviatanScans may have some drawbacks, it provides a fantastic free way for readers to experience their favorite webcomics, manga, and manhwa. People have many reasons to choose or not to choose a service. As I said, it totally depends on you to decide if those drawbacks are nothing compared to the site’s benefits. For my part, despite the very bad first impressions, I will still choose LeviatanScans if they have the comics/chapters that I’m looking for. The experience was generally positive, and I’m not a patron to be added to their Discord, so my feelings towards the site have improved quite a lot. 

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