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eManga was founded in 2008 as a one-stop shop for manga of Digital Manga, Inc. eManga joined with DMI’s print store, Akadot, in 2018 to host everything in one place, allowing manga fans to read manga online or download them in different formats
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Nice and easy to navigate website
Many titles
LGBT and 18+ collection
Reward Program
Private and secure
Consistent update
Nothing honestly

About eManga

What is eManga?

eManga was founded in 2008 as a one-stop shop for manga of Digital Manga, Inc. eManga joined with DMI’s print store, Akadot, in 2018 to host everything in one place, allowing manga fans to read manga online or download them in different formats. They constantly develop the organization with a dedication to providing the best digital and print manga reading experience to readers with their partners and aspiring artists. Their series collection is composed of licensed work from more than 50 Japanese Publishers that have been adapted for the English market. 

There are a variety of genres available on eManga, including Action, Seinen, Mainstream, Slice of life, Drama, Romance and more. Their content catalogue has the most well-known imprints of Digital Manga, as well as Tezuka Productions, Media Factory and SoftBank Creative (Harlequin Romance series), which all partner with eManga. Moreover, they also have their own DMG imprint which consists of manga series that have been translated by fans for fans. Apart from their main eManga website, they also have 3 sister sites that are dedicated to Boy Love titles (Juné Manga), Girl Love titles (Lilyka Manga) and hardcore ecchi or H titles *nsfw (Project-H). 

Is eManga free?

eManga is a one-stop shop for manga of Digital Manga, Inc. Therefore it is not a free site for free manga streaming. All manga on eManga come as digital or physical versions and you have to pay for it to read the manga. There is an interesting Reward Program for members as well.  

Shipping, Return and Reward Program

If you buy digital manga, you don’t need to pay for shipping or any other extra cost apart from the manga itself. There is a shipping cost for physical manga books, which is from $3.80 within the US. Internationally, the shipping cost for Canada, South America, Asia, Europe and Australia/New Zealand are from $12.64, $14.00, $18.25, $15.50 and $16.25 respectively.

I completely understand your feeling when seeing those high shipping costs. The good thing is eManga does have a Reward Program where you can earn loyalty points for every dollar spent, both from buying digital and physical books, on eManga shop. Each dollar is equal to 1 point and they will reward you with lots of points when sharing (100 points in total), signing up (200 points) or on your birthday (200 points). With every 500 points, you will receive a $5 off coupon to spend on your shipping cost. For example, you will get free shipping if you buy 9 digital books and 1 print one. 

Regarding the Return policy, eManga does not accept returning items unless they are defective when it arrives at your door. In which case, you need to keep the items unopened and return them within 14 days. 

Is eManga secure and private?

When it comes to electronic purchasing or the Internet, privacy and security are some of the first things we are concerned about. eManga, to me, is a pretty safe site as I haven’t encountered any privacy problems with it before. They also state in their Privacy Policy, which is published on their website, that they do not sell or share users’ personal information (such as email address, home address, full name, credit card details,…) with any other third party. Once registered, users can choose to opt out of the email lists any time by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the Newsletter from eManga or email [email protected], which you need t check as it may be updated in the future. Another thing that proves that eManga is a legitimate manga store is their contact information, including office address and 4 social media platforms. You can contact them through those platforms or a contact form on the website. Although their social media doesn’t have many interactions from users, they still update consistently and also report bootleg copies of their manga and things like that. It is indeed hard to tell which business is legit just by looking at their online appearance but so far, I am confident to say that eManga is a trustworthy place to purchase digital and physical manga books. 

Does eManga have an app?

Apparently, eManga only has a website to which you can get access by a web browser on your phone, smart TV, laptop and Ipad.

eManga review

Content library 

eManga has around 608 titles ranging across many genres like Romance, Action, Mystery, LGBT, Hentai and more. You can browse their shop for all titles or browse by collections which include Bundles, Light Novels, Digital Exclusive, Physical Books, Girl Love, Boy Love, Pecchi, Osamu Tezuka and New Releases. All manga on eManga are in English. 

Their new titles or news update rate are consistent and fast in my opinion. Since I am busy with work and life, I find it’s very convenient to sign up for their Newsletter, which will send me an email whenever there is an update on eManga automatically. Plus, once they release any news, they will make sure to post it on all their online platforms including social media accounts, blogs and press release pages on eManga website and Newsletter so you certainly will never miss a thing from eManga. 

Some of the best-selling manga on eManga at the time of this review are:

- Record of the Glass Castle

- Alabaster 

- Melody of Iron 

- The Crater, Under the Air 

- Kimagure Orange Road Omnibus

- Ludwig B

- Clockwork Apple

- Barbara

- Brave Dan 

- Crime And Punishment

- Unico

- Swallowing the Earth


One of the things I like about eManga website is that it has no ads so your browsing and shopping experience will not be interrupted by silly commercials and pop-ups. The website is quite straightforward with a pink and purple colour theme. 

The top header has the big eManga logo on the left and a Search bar, Shopping Cart and Currency droplist next to each other. The service accepts purchases in 5 different currencies including US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Euro, British Pound Sterling and Australian Dollar. Right under the top header is the Menu bar. Apart from going back to Home, you can get access to Collections, Shop, Blog, About Us, Contact, Account and Log out from the menu bar. 

Similar to other manga shop websites, under the Menu bar in the hero sliding banner featuring all events or new manga of the shop. However, eManga’s hero sliding banner is not clickable for quicker access. This may be because the new and featured titles are displayed right under this hero section. Each title is displayed with the name of the title and the author, its available viewing options (physical or digital or both) and the manga’s cover thumbnail. When you click “View more” on any title, you will be redirected to a page where you can read the manga’s summary and previews. When you click on Shop, you can filter titles by genres and sort them by name, price, date release and best-selling rate. 

Throughout the main page are other manga collections such as Osamu Tazuka, which features all manga of this author, Girl Love and Physical Books collections. You can also visit eManga’s blog and sister sites (Lilyka, Juné Manga and Project-H) from here. 

The footer contains the rest information about the site like Newsletter, Jobs, Shipping Info and Returns Policy, FAQ and other Legal Documents like Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and Disclaimer. 

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