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Wind blowing at the most dramatic moment, lethal injuries that do not kill, unrealistic body standards, and waking up in an alternate world surrounded by cute girls can only mean one thing: Anime. Sounds crazy, right? Anime, also known as Japanimation, has long been at the heart of Japanese culture. It is a hand-drawn or computer-generated comic which is then telecasted all over the world. So, what makes this form of entertainment so appealing? Is it the bright colors, the colorful characters, the crazy fighting, or the over-the-top storyline? Well, the short answer is yes, but there is more to it than just that. Through viewing anime, the audience can dive into a new universe where they can be free from the struggles of daily life. Over recent years, Japanese anime is no longer limited to Japanese audiences. The popularity of anime and its comic strip counterpart manga has grown considerably in the UK and the West. Hardcore fans of anime outside its home in Japan, often find it challenging to stumble upon the anime they would like to watch because it simply isn’t available in their region. Due to huge fake stuff over the internet, it is a little difficult to find real websites. Don’t worry, you are in the right place. If you are concerned about their legality, video quality, streaming speed, content library capacity, the convenience of features, or safety of the sites, then, you do not need to be dismayed, we've got you covered. In this article, we will acquaint you with Free Anime Sites to satiate your hunger for a quality anime viewing experience. So, sit back, relax and enjoy!
DUBHAPPY is a free English dubbed anime and cartoon website where you can watch a plethora of free English dubbed anime and cartoon series online. DUBHAPPY is quite important these days and ages since many individuals adore English dubbed anime and cartoon in recent years not only in Japan and Asia but also in the West if saying humbly.
GogoanimeTV is your go-to place to stream anime without worrying about the cost of the streaming service. Its sole purpose is to deliver great and high-quality anime to anime lovers. Moreover, it also wants to make this a safe and welcoming place for everyone with a passion for anime to come and discuss anime with each other.
9anime is a free website with no ads or pop-ups. It is supported by donations from users and has a premium membership option which gives access to exclusive content and features.
Aniwatcher is an anime streaming site that allows its users to stream thousands of anime shows in great resolution at no cost. This is where you should go to for both popular titles as well as niche ones. 
Dark Anime is a free anime streaming site where you can go to watch free and subtitled anime from anywhere in the world with just the internet. It focuses on featuring dark, mysterious and new anime.
Online streaming services have developed to include a variety of kinds of materials. On premium and free networks nowadays, you may discover a variety of material such as movies, television shows, reality shows, cartoons, and anime series. While most premium networks operate on an all-you-can-watch basis, consumers are less likely to subscribe to such services unless they provide original programming. People often use satellite television as a cord-cutting option, but with the service's ever-growing price, an increasing number of users are turning to streaming services.
WatchOP is an unauthorized One Piece streaming portal that allows fans to stream all of the show's content in one place. You can pick between English dubbed and subtitled One Piece show. I usually prefer the subtitles because dubbed shows miss the creator's original spirit. The meanings of dialogues are often changed to suit a specific audience.
Chia Anime is your go-to free anime streaming website that allows viewers to not only watch but also download content. Chia Anime is a content aggregator or a directory that gives users access to links from all around the internet. You will find up to 4-5 links to assist you to stream each episode in any series. Multiple links are advantageous because they allow users to broadcast even if one or more of them are not working.
Masterani is a website that offers a wide selection of anime shows and movies that you can watch for free. There are no commercials, and the selection is updated regularly. You can also create a free account to keep track of your favorite shows and movies.
Kissanime is the best anime streaming site. You can find the most recent and greatest anime movies and shows on Kissanime. There are no ads and you can view movies and shows in HD. Download movies and shows to view offline.
Yugen Anime
Yugen Anime anime is your go-to site when it comes to watching anime for free. With the simple and straightforward user interface, Yugen Anime has quickly captured the anime fandom and become one of the most popular anime websites.
AnimeFreak TV is a heaven for anime lovers, plain and simple. Also known as animefreakz, animefreaks, anime freak, this streaming site allows its users to stream amazing dubbed and subbed anime shows at no cost. You don't even need any signup or registration to enjoy its content. 
Animepahe is a free anime streaming website where anyone with the internet can go to watch anime as much as they want. Animepahe declared on their website that their only official websites currently are Animepahe.com, Animepahe.ru and Animepahe.org.
Animerush is a free anime website where you can watch countless anime series online and for completely free. These days and ages, Animerush is very useful because there are many people who love anime and manga in recent years not only in Japan and Asia but also in the West if not saying worldwide
Animeseries is a free anime website where you can watch a plethora of anime series online and for free. Animeseries is quite important these days and ages since there are many individuals who adore anime and manga in recent years not only in Japan and Asia but also in the West if saying humbly. So all in all, Animeseries is the website to visit if you want to watch free online anime with unique and free features like premium anime website service.
If you happen to be a Donghua lover in these days and ages, lucky you! There are several Donghua streaming sites on the Internet, and all of your favourite series are just a click away. The major question is where to click. Should we believe any site that promises to be secure? The answer is frankly no
When you heard the name Animeowl, what image appears in your mind? For me, I think of the night-owls anime enthusiasts who are willing and often stay up late to binge-watch their favourite anime series because they can’t bear the uneasiness of going to sleep halfway through the series. Well, maybe that’s what the website creator(s) think of when they created this website.
4Anime is a free anime streaming site where you do not need to register or pay anything to watch the anime completely free. You may view any quality anime or cartoons you desire. The most intriguing aspect of 4Anime is that it uses secure servers, thus your data is safe with the website.
Gogoanimehub is a website that allows you to stream free anime. Its mission is to deliver anime lovers countless anime series and to establish a platform for fans to exchange their thoughts on different anime.
Manytoon is a website that offers a wide range of free online anime. It is a great place to watch your favorite shows and keep up with the latest releases. You can also find a community of other anime fans to discuss your passion with.
ANIMESERIES.IO (ANIMETV) is a free anime website where you can watch a plethora of anime series online. ANIMESERIES.IO (ANIMETV) is quite important these days and ages since many individuals adore anime and manga in recent years not only in Japan and Asia but also in the West if saying humbly.
Naruspot is a website where you can go to watch subbed and dubbed Naruto and Boruto online for free. If you are a fan big fan of Naruto or just want to give this amazing anime series a try, Naruspot is the one website for you. All the episodes here are free, dubbed, full HD and register-free.