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Last.fm as we know it today is the product of the merger of two previously distinct websites: and Audioscrobbler. In 2005, the two sites merged into one.
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Social media + music streaming platform
Can skip and play songs unlimited for free
Good deals
Well-designed website
No app
Need more songs


It is indisputable to say that music improves one's life. It has the power to profoundly affect our daily lives and our moods. It can improve activities, particularly those that aren't all that enjoyable to begin with. Work becomes more tolerable when you have the proper song playing. Exercise gets less excruciating. And dullness is turned into entertainment.

Of course, I'm not telling you anything you don't already know: music is the soundtrack to our lives. It is, without a doubt, the universal language. It's a language that you can actually feel, the heart's own language.

This is why, in our digital era, there are so many music streaming services, websites, and applications to pick from. On the one hand, this is a wonderful thing: we have a plethora of alternatives and methods to stream music. On the other side, it may be annoying since we may have too many options, making it difficult to go through them all and select the one that is best for us.

Perhaps you're curious about what other people are listening to across the world. If this describes you in any way, I may have the ideal music streaming service for you. The music streaming service I’m referring to is

History as we know it today is the product of the merger of two previously distinct websites: and Audioscrobbler. In 2005, the two sites merged into one.

Richard Jones developed Audioscrobbler as a school project while studying at the University of South Hampton School of Electronics and Computer Science in the United Kingdom. Jones described "scrobbling" as the process of discovering, analyzing, and disseminating numerical data incorporating people, music, and other factors., on the other hand, was formed in 2002 by Felix Miller, Martin Stiksel, Michael Breidenbruecker, and Thomas Willomitzer, four music fans from Germany and Austria. It was supposed to be an internet radio station as well as a musically focused social network where users with similar music profiles could create customised playlists. The site soon gained popularity, winning Europix in 2002 and receiving a Prix Arts Electronica nomination in 2003.

In 2003, these 2 teams, Audioscrobbler and, began collaborating closely, believing that the two technologies would complement each other well. Audioscrobbler profiles were connected with profiles, and vice versa. After some time, an Audioscrobbler plugin was introduced to the website. The Audioscrobbler domain name was fully integrated into on August 9th, 2005, marking the completion of the merger.

Thanks to the elegant integration of Audioscrobbler's visual data capabilities, now has a whole new look. A brand-new website has appeared, unlike any other before it... a type of radio that will put an end to all radio The only FM station you'll ever require.


When you first visit, you'll see that the folks who built it are true experts in their field. It's a visual treat... manages to be both simple and intuitive to use while still appearing unlike any other music streaming website. Everything is well-defined, well-organized, and simple to use. In addition, the layout's modest black, white, and red tone gives the site a slick and professional appearance.

Another thing I appreciate about is that the audio player is always at the top of the page, regardless of where you are on the site. It's tucked away in the site's menu bar, indicating what you're listening to right now and giving you the option to stop, skip forward, backward, or "heart" a tune.

To the right of this, you'll find everything you need to navigate the site, including Homepage, Live, Songs, Charts, Concerts, Features, and your account settings. In terms of in-browser music streaming sites, I have yet to come across one that is more well-designed.

Content offers various characteristics that set it apart from the many other music streaming services available. The first thing that strikes me about the site is how sociable it is. is a unique combination of all our favourite online pastimes. It's a half social network, half music streaming service.

Your profile serves as "...your musical calling card," as the site puts it. It has all of your all-time top 10 tracks, new releases that you like or most listen to,…

They reinforce this social focus by informing potential customers that allows them to interact with other music fans by linking their accounts. In this manner, in a unique twist, you can really talk to other users about your favorite artists, albums, concerts, tracks, and so on.

But, aside from the social features, also allows you to graphically display your listening habits in interesting, useful, and easy-to-understand ways, giving you accurate insights into where you lie on the musical spectrum.

Desktop and Mobile Experience

Unfortunately, there isn't a fully working app for listening to music. However, there is a Audioscrobbler program that allows you to examine your listening history. Outside of that, though, it doesn't accomplish anything. It's also terrible since, in my view, all needs is a fully working app to rocket them to the summit of the music streaming services mountain.

Pricing and Plans offers two services: a free basic service and a paid service called Pro. At only $3.00 per month, the premium membership service is one of the most affordable on the market. It's worth noting, though, that doesn't contain nearly as much music as, say, Spotify. You receive ad-free listening and surfing, as well as plenty of sophisticated data and "scrobbling" choices not available to free users, just $3.00 each month. Oh, and all merchandise is 30% off – actually a very good deal, if you ask me!

Suggestions that I have for

I think should build and release an app as soon as possible! I adore the service and everything it has to offer, therefore my biggest gripe is that I can't have that experience wherever I go!


Overall, has a strong chance of being the top streaming platform on the globe. They already have all of the building blocks in place, including a beautiful site design/layout, a fun and intriguing cross-section of song, data, and social networking, and the necessary brand awareness to expand. Don't get me wrong, it's still a terrific service right now, but I'd love to see it expand and improve in the years ahead!

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6+ Best Alternatives For Best Music Streaming Sites

Amazon Music
Amazon Music Unlimited, aka Amazon MP3, is a new and enhanced version of Amazon's original music streaming service. It's similar to Amazon Prime Video in that you can stream certain material that is on-trend for free (rather, for the fixed monthly amount you pay and nothing extra), and you can also download and purchase specific titles, allowing you to watch them whenever you want, whether you're offline or online.
Spotify is the most popular place to stream music in the world, with over 230 million members, 100 million of which are paying customers... unless you consider YouTube. Spotify is many people's first pick when looking for a streaming solution because of its comprehensive and clear user experience, regardless of the platform you use it on, but how does it compare? as we know it today is the product of the merger of two previously distinct websites: and Audioscrobbler. In 2005, the two sites merged into one.
Mixcloud originated in 2008 as a "lean startup," as it is known. Nico Perez and Nikhil Shah decided to create Mixcloud, were friends during their time at the University of Cambridge. Developers Sam Cooke and Mat Clayton were recruited to the team shortly after.
Celite Milbrandt and Dennis Mudd launched LiveXLive in 2004. However, it was not until March of 2007 that the firm was officially established. Mudd, the former CEO of Music Match (which was bought by Yahoo Music and relaunched as Yahoo Music Radio), utilized the money to launch LiveXLive.
Myspace, the original social networking site, is still active. It's not quite what it used to be, but it's still up and running and seeking new members. Despite the fact that the site has had its ups and downs over the years, many individuals still use it as one of their primary social networks. Here’s a brief review about, how it was established, its current design and my likes and hates about it.