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Best Movies Review sites

Picking a film to watch is an emotional rollercoaster that takes audiences’ time. They're a bunch of factors to consider if we should watch a movie or not. Movie freaks commonly base their decision on a review, a short trailer, or just by checking the movie’s rating. However, if you want completely avoid spoilers, no matter how small it is, or simply want an unbiased experience of watching a movie, movie rating platforms are made for you. The best movies review sites are full of well-written, thoughtful, earnest, and educated critiques of movies, TV shows, and sometimes music, plays, and/or books. It can be said that movie reviews sites are a trustworthy measurement of critical recommendations for millions of global fans to base their time-worthy decisions. Although a solid movies review site focuses primarily on movie reviews, they do not stop at just that. They will often contain TV reviews, op-ed pieces, think pieces, entertainment news, music reviews, book reviews, and even theater reviews. Most movies review sites will let you read their content to your hearts’ content. In this article, we are going to bring you a list of the most prominent and reliable movie review sites on the Internet.
IndieWire is a website that covers reviews, interviews, television, cinema, and digital news. This site's major focus is independent movies; they keep their audience up to date on breaking news and provide sharp-to-the-point reviews. IndieWire began as an online chat room in July 1996 and has since grown to become one of the first online entertainment news services. IndieWire's coverage expanded beyond film festivals and the indie film business as it matured, to include all parts of Hollywood, as well as the developing realms of television and streaming.